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Noel Estates Property Covenant Guide (V2.8)

Noel Estates is owned by Melia Noel.
Land in these estates are residential & double prim (double the prims available for construction).
To buy or rent land you must pay the tier fee for at least 1 week. The land is then yours until abandoned.

Land Usage Fees
Noel Estates are private islands managed apart from Linden Labs.
A Noel Estates resident does not pay Linden Labs any tier for the property they hold in this estate nor are they required to have a premium membership.The land usage fee (tier) is paid by right clicking on the tier payment panel adjacent to each respective lot (The price can bee seen by getting close enough to the panel). By paying 4 weeks or more you will receive a discount on the tier (see web site for actual discount value: http://www.noel-estates.com ).In the event the usage fee is overdue for 1 day the land will be reclaimed. If there are extenuating circumstances where payment cannot be made please contact the estate owner or one of the administrators.

Residential Zoning
Noel Estates property is residential. The following is a non exhaustive list of what is considered to be commercial and therefore not allowed in Noel Estates:
-Malls, stores, shops, clubs, casinos, rentals, condos, rotating or flashing signs or structures.

*** Also the following features are not allowed in Noel Estates:
-Flying or floating structures below 250 meters
-Obstructive signs, walls, or rotating primes
-High density particle generators (weather devices etc.)
-Sandboxes (experimental areas for building and scripting)
-Gothic buildings
-Unapproved Large Tree Houses
-Security systems that teleports a resident or visitor home without undue warning (a minimum of 20secs is required)
-Radar systems that deploy satellites that extend beyond your property lines

Special Zoning Provisions
Walls and fences within 5 meters of the respective lot’s boundaries cannot be any higher than 3 meters
Buildings cannot be any higher than the length of the shortest side of the respective lot


The answers to most questions can be found on the site: http://www.noel-estates.com
For any other questions please IM me or send to info@noel-estates.com